Monday, November 12, 2007

[game] Flatout 2

These days I have been playing Flatout 2. Quite nice! I especially enjoy the multiplayer Derby mode. A lot of fun - especially if you were fan of Destruction Derby or Viper Racing. I am impressed by how well the network engine copes with all the simultaneous collisions. I guess there is a lot that is asynchronous (barrels, and flying car pieces are probably not in sync) but the car-against-car collisions are nicely consistent.

I always wanted to make a fighting car game. There has been some in the past (the famous Interstate, and more recently Auto Assault - there is a list of those games on Wikipedia :-) ) but I would like to do something much more action oriented. A derby between cars with machine guns on turrets, missiles, flame thrower, chainsaw on the side, and other cool nasty weapons. Ah well, maybe one day ;-)


  1. Hey there,

    I just read about your interest in vehicular combat and Auto Assault, and as an avid AA fan I would like to invite you to our board on

    A bunch of AA players there have gathered resources and talents to create a completely new vehicle MMO inspired by Auto Assault but packs much more~!

    We are an indie team of rogue artists, writers, modelers, musicians who want to create a completely new and original FPS/vehicular hybrid MMO. We have a very strong storyline, concept and art and we are on the lookout for talented programmers to help out. Especially lead material, so stop by and check our boards for more info:


  2. This sounds like a very cool project. Unfortunately I have very little time for my game projects so I don't think it would be reasonnable for me to get involved in something as big as a MMO.

    What I had in mind was more 'brute action': An arena, height cars fully loaded with weapons, ready?, go, fight!

    I have more or less what's needed in terms of code - the main problem is getting some cool graphics ... anyone around here?