Saturday, March 29, 2008

[research] SIGcrash

Yet again, like so many others, our work has been rejected. It is not worth it. We won't talk about it. Ouch.

Submitting a paper to SIGGRAPH is a very emotional thing in fact. You put a lot of you in each paper. A lot of ideas. A lot of time. A lot of work. But here it is. It is rejected. Well, well, well. Sometimes it gets in, often not.

Anyway, you won't learn about the cool stuff we did ... but it should not bother you too much since our work was not above the threshold ...

Ouch. It is hard to keep a cold mind :-) Of course you'll learn about our stuff, we'll improve the paper and find a more friendly place for it!

Tonight I just want to have a special thought for all those who put so much in their work and will see it rejected from SIGGRAPH. As a reviewer, I am part of the whole reject / accept process. Giving fair scores is not an easy thing. I know deciding who gets in and who is rejected is not an easy thing for the committee either. But well, it still hurts.

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