Tuesday, May 13, 2008

[game] Ragsmash on YouTube

Someone posted a video of him playing Ragdoll Smasher on YouTube :-) watch it here

At least I know someone played the game ;-) It's really cool for a 'wannabe' game developer such as myself to discover this kind of things. Highly enjoyable.

A few explanations on the weird things happening that the player points out:
- guys stuck mid-air happen because the game only simulates 3 bodies. So it assumes others already landed. I could correct it ... but well, it's sort of fun.
- the 'elastic band' effect is more difficult. I have to look into it but it is likely due to instability in the stepping of the physics. Due to this, a very large force is produced. ODE is not able to propagate forces fast enough and one bone flies away while the rest of the body remains where it is.

Anyway, I am always happy to hear about ideas for a new version of Ragdoll smasher, so feel free to make suggestions. I had another stupid idea involving a chainsaw ... I played too much Doom I think ;-)

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