Tuesday, June 23, 2009

[various] 1 dollar = 2 euros

We all know pricing policies do not exaclty match the globalization trend. But sometimes it becomes so ridiculous that it is worth noting.

I need a new keyboard, and I need it to be a QWERTY keyboard (here shops sell AZERTY keyboards which is not great for coding - I am in fact using a QWERTY layout on an AZERTY keyboard ... confusing!). I was shoping for books on Amazon US, and decided to have a look. I found the 'Logitech Illuminated Keyboard' to my taste. At this date it is 66.48$. Here I am, checking out, when suddenly the killer message pops up 'This item doesn't ship to your country'. Well, no big deal, let's check out Amazon.fr. Bad news: 1) AZERTY only 2) out of stock 3) 87,89 euros! That's only ... wait ... 122.852$ !!! (today's rate). On Logitech website it is even better: The keyboard (QWERTY version) sells 94.99 euros, or 132.7$.
Yes, that's twice more. Pretty nice huh? (I am assuming Logitech is preventing amazon from shipping - this is more or less what is implied by Amazon as the reason for not shipping. EDIT: Apparently none of the keyboards on Amazon ship to Europe! I'll have to stick with my AZERTY for a little longer)

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  1. It used to be the same all over Europe in Euro! But two thing about the US online shop is the restriction to the US (and sometimes Canada) and usually the lack of any taxes included in the price.

    Mind that if you are after a QWERTY keyboard, you could just look for a british layout as it is quite close.

    Just some thoughts