Monday, October 12, 2009

[wubi] Transfering your wubi on another computer

The other day my desktop hard drive failed, putting an end to my Vista partition and everything in it. With the I3D 2010 deadline arriving fast, I needed a way to get up to speed quickly (data was backed up but not the system). I did not want to reinstall all applications under Windows.

Since our project compiles under both Windows and Linux, and since I have it running under Ubuntu / Wubi on my laptop I tried the following: I did a fresh Windows + Wubi install and replaced the new 'root.disk' by the one from my laptop.

And it worked!

After booting it was like being on my laptop but ... on my desktop. Everything worked but for the NVidia drivers - even though my laptop has NVidia hardware like my desktop. I had to reinstall the driver, which for some reason could not find the kernel sources (really strange since this was the same file system after all). I simply had to specify the path explicitly (--kernel-source-path). This saved my day!

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