Monday, February 1, 2010

[code] Visual Express 2010

I am trying out Visual Studio 2010. Again, thanks to CMake the transition is mostly painless.

I had one issue though, related to global include paths.
As explained here, they can no longer be set for Visual Studio as a whole but only on a per-project basis. Let's not argue whether this is good or bad but let's assume you need to set them globally (I my case, I just want the DirectX SDK include / lib paths to be set once and for all).

In fact, there is a very simple workaround. All projects seem to include the following property sheet: Microsoft.Cpp.Win32.User
Any change to these properties will happen in all your projects. Just edit it and modify the include / lib of the "VC++ directories" entry.

Note that there seem to be issues under XP (I am under Windows 7) => so read the full story if you need to set global paths using XP and 2010.