Tuesday, May 13, 2008

[C#] grabing pictures from a webcam

I have been looking for a simple way to grab a picture from a webcam, using C#. Well, it appears it is not so simple :-) The easiest solution I found is described here.

The code is simple, the only difficulty is to install the WIA sdk before (download from here, WIAAutSDK.zip). Don't forget to execute 'regsvr32 wiaaut.dll' in a command line, after copying the DLL in WINDOWS\system32.

WIA cannot be used for videos it seems. For this you'll need a DirectShow wrapper. (Note that the FTP is nicer in the sample code above).

And, if you just need to grab images and send them to an FTP, use Dorgem.

That was my 2 cents on webcams :-)

(I found Scott Hanselman's blog to be a great source of info on this)

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