Friday, July 3, 2009

[various] market segmentation

Coding horror has an interesting post about market segments. I think it strongly relates to the euro / dollar / ip-based region locks problems I have been confronted with. I especially like this piece of the post:

Sure, don't make us customers think. Unless you want us to think about how much we'd like to pay you, that is.

Exactly :-) I see two possible outcomes for the current 'region segments' imposed by retailers:
  1. They disappear
  2. We won't be allowed to order oversea anymore, and shop websites will be unaccessible from outside the country

Guess what's most likely?

1 comment:

  1. "they" are going to try to find a new way to enforce this geographical segmentation. It use to be the case with VHS (PAL/SECAM/M-SECAM and so on) and then with the DVD that was promising to be ship-able with multiple languages. But no we are too stupid to force those companies to open those "national" market. Why a laptop in the UK should cost one and a half as much as the same you could by from the USofA (duty and shipping cost included)?